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Having seen that all traditions carry a central truth of Divine Love, my vision is a world that works for everyone and everything with no one and nothing left out. My mission is to foster and ground the conversation that enables the Understanding that Brings Peace.

I have been a validly consecrated (with apostolic succession) Bishop in the Independent Catholic tradition since 2001 and currently am without affiliation, a wandering Bishop. I have studied and practiced Metaphysics for 30 years, been a Master Reiki Practitioner for 16 years, studied Hermetic and Judaic Qabbalah for 15 years. I have developed and facilitated workshops of empowerment. practiced spiritual healing arts in Montana, Texas, Colorado, Florida, Maine and Ohio since 1988. Having studied eastern and western theologies and practiced Esoteric Christian, Goddess and Lakota Spirituality from the inside, I walk a braided path that honors and embraces all religions, spiritual paths and philosophies.

The nickname of “the barefoot bishop” was given to me by the Presiding Bishop of the order I was trained in at my consecration to the Episcopate as I do most rituals barefoot to remind myself to remain humble, as a Bishop is a servant of the people and the name stuck.

My artwork combines the spiritual essences of Western, Eastern,Pagan and Christian religious understandings in a meld that becomes a window into the Divine that I call “Integrity of Spirit”. I work in Watercolor, Acrylic, Oil, and have begun to make Mosaic Icons. They are hand-crafted, one of a kind altar and fine art pieces made using traditional & mosaic techniques and non-traditional tesserae.

My commitment to a world that works extends into the world as a member of Bath Sunrise Rotary Club, a local club of Rotary International, a service above self organization that strives to complete humanitarian projects at the local club level and around the world.  I have three grown children who were all raised to not only see outside of the box but to dismantle it if necessary, with large hearts and magickal souls, and a granddaughter who will made her appearance at the end of September, 2017.  In my sixth year as a Direct Support Professional, I assist adults with developmental disabilities in being as independent as they are able.

I am available by Skype, currently reside in Bath, Maine and willing to travel to be of service.

Namaste’,  CarolMaryBrigit

(a.k.a. Rev. Carol Fleming)

Appointments for Reiki sessions available

Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays 9a-1p and 5p-9p

Fridays and Saturdays 9a-1p

(Closed for appointments on Sundays and Mondays)

by calling 207-449-0536

Reiki sessions and classes held at

Brigit’s Potions & Lotions

130 Front Street, #2  (at top of stairs on third floor)

Bath, ME 04530